SilverTone Trio 

Live Flute Trio Music for Weddings and other events


Hazel, Linda and Louise met while performing with Taunton Concert Band, Somerset's premier Symphonic Wind Band. Find out more about the band on our Links page. 

Hazel Luckwill

Hazel has been playing the flute since school and chose it as her first study instrument during her BA in Music. She has performed with various orchestras and ensembles both at University and since and is currently a member of Taunton Concert Band.  Hazel also plays clarinet and piano and sings with Somerset Chamber Choir. She has a MA in Music Therapy and works as a state registered Music Therapist. She also teaches flute, with her students achieving merits and distinctions. 

Linda Broom

Linda has always been interested in woodwind instruments and taught herself to read music at an early age.  She has been playing the flute for over 30 years and regularly performs with Taunton Concert Band at various indoor and outdoor venues.  She has been a member of several other orchestras, wind bands and ensembles in the South West, performing in concerts and at charity events. Linda also enjoys playing the piccolo, clarinet and alto saxophone.

Louise Roberts

Louise has always enjoyed performing in various orchestras and wind bands within the Taunton and Somerset area. She obtained her grade 8 flute (with merit) when she was in her teens and also plays the piccolo, piano and saxophone.  Louise currently plays the piccolo and flute in Taunton Concert Band and has performed with them in the UK and on tours to Germany, France, Prague, Bruges and Dublin.